A Complete Guide to Street Art on Hertel Ave in Buffalo

Smiles and Appreciation @ 1872 Hertel Ave x Kimberly Hardy / Photo courtesy of Kimberly Hardy

In case you live under a rock and haven’t noticed, Buffalo’s street art game is strong. Seriously.

What’s even better is that it’s more than just a few pretty Instagram photo-ops (though we’re totally here for that, too). All of the amazing murals that cover previously blank walls around the city help to bring in more foot traffic for local businesses and give local artists an opportunity to show their stuff, all while leaving Buffalo more beautiful than before. 

While it feels like street art can be found just about anywhere you go these days (not complaining), Hertel Ave is a good place to start if you’re looking to scope some of it out for yourself. Heading East to West, here’s where you can find all of the masterpieces on Hertel Ave:


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1. Jerry Garcia Mural – 1172 Hertel Ave 

Artist: C. Gallagher


2. Untitled – 1188 Hertel Ave 

Artist: Eduardo Kobra

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Estou aqui em Buffalo/ EUA , a convite do Museu Albright–Knox. Tive a honra de pintar um mural sobre Mark Twain, que viveu dois anos nesta cidade. Além de ter sido um dos mais importantes escritores, ele teve um papel incisivo na luta contra o racismo. Na imagem, Twain está ao lado do seu grande amigo afro-americano John T. Lewis. Uma curiosidade que inclui na minha obra: Mark Twain nasceu e morreu em anos de passagem do Halley (1835 e 1910), por isso há quem afirme, poeticamente, que ele foi trazido à vida e levado embora de carona com o cometa. Foto: Brenda Turteltaub As I was invited by the Museum Albright–Knox Art . i'm here in Buffalo, in the United States, where I had the honor of painting a mural about Mark Twain, who lived here for two years. In addition to being one of America's foremost writers – author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – he played an important role in the fight against racism. In this picture, Twain stands next to his great African-American friend John T. Lewis. Fun fact that I had added to my work: Mark Twain was born and also died in years that Halley appeared (1835 and 1910), so some people say, poetically, that he was brought to life and left taking a ride with the comet.

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3. Goo Goo Dolls Mural – 1212 Hertel Ave

Artist: Philip Burke


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4. We Are Here – 1260 Hertel Ave

Artist: White Bicycle 


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I realized the other day I literally don’t own jeans without rips. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 📸: @footiepjs

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5. Buffalo Map – 1297 Hertel Ave

Artist: Mario Zucca 


6. Magic Buffalo – 1322 Hertel Ave

Artist: Bunnie Reiss


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7. Lookin’ Good – 1472 Hertel Ave

Artist: Casey Millbrand 


8. Weego – 1503 Hertel Ave

Artist: Chuck Tingley 


9. Gord Downie Mural – 1669 Hertel Ave

Artist: Rory Allen


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10. Hertel Postcard – 1787 Hertel Ave (Corner of Voorhees and Hertel)

Artist: Vinny Alejandro


11. Smiles and Appreciation – 1872 Hertel Ave

Artist: Kimberly Hardy

Smiles and Appreciation @ 1872 Hertel Ave x Kimberly Hardy / Photo courtesy of Kimberly Hardy


BONUS: Hertel Alley Gallery

What was once just an empty back alley behind a few local businesses is now the beautiful Hertel Alley Gallery, thanks to the new Hertel Alley Street Art Festival– an event created earlier this year by Vinny Alejandro (a name you may recognize from above) and other local creatives. 

The alley itself runs parallel to Hertel from Treymore to Colvin, remaining a fairly secluded hidden gem in North Buffalo- but rest assured, it’s accessible for the public to enjoy. Below are just a few of the murals that were created during the festival, which took place this past June: 


Yellow Buffalo

Artist: Nicole Cherry


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Love myself some summer street art 🐃☀️

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Pizza mural

Artist: Elyssa Harper


Til death do us part

Artist: Ashley Kay



Artist: Chris Main



Artist: Tom Holt

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